Here are my figure painting prices as well as my prices for building and painting vehicles and aircraft.

Wargames standard has all colour's neatly applied with shading and all details painted.

Showcase standard offers a high standard of finish with at least three shades as well as having clothing rendered in a more realistic manner and all details painted.

Due to the very complex nature of Modern Camouflage clothing and the time needed to provide a realistic finish, I am unable to paint them to wargames standard.

 Wargame's Standard


   15MM  20MM  28MM
 Infantry  £2.00  £2.50 £5.00
 Cavalry  £2.80  £4.00  £8.00
Elephants and Chariots with 2 crew
 £6.00  £10.00  £20.00
Elephants and chariots with 4 crew

 Showcase 15MM
 £5.00  £7.00  £10.00  
 Cavalry  £8.00  £10.00 £18.00  
Elephants and chariots with 2 crew
 £20.00  £30.00 £60.00
Elephants and chariots with 4 crew
 £30.00  £45.00  £80.00  


 Basing  15MM 20MM
   30P 40P

 All bases will be fully flocked and will have static grass added as well as other scenic features such as rocks ,weeds and flowers where appropriate.

Vehicles are assembled and painted to the highest possible standard,and are fully weathered for a realistic finish,with aerials and stowage added where appropriate.

Vehicles               15mm      20mm      28mm
 Tanks/Micv's      £17.00      £25.00      £50.00
 Halftracks           £15.00      £20.00      £50.00
 Trucks                £15.00      £20.00      £45.00
 Jeeps/Cars          £12.00      £17.00      £35.00

Guns and Artillery

               15mm      20mm      28mm     
 Light      £10.00      £15.00      £25.00     

 Medium  £12.00     £20.00    £22.00
 Heavy      £15.00      £25.00      £30.00     



Every model is fully weathered and stowed for a true 'in campaign' look.


Build fee:

Kits are charged at £7.20 per hour to build,this does not include painting.

So as a example a five part resin kit will cost £7.20 to build.


I also build and paint aircraft and helicopter's,please contact me for a quote as these all vary in size.

As a Example a mono scheme 1/72 scale bi-plane will cost £25.00 to build and paint,additional work is charged at £7.20 per hour.

 Postage and packing is charged at 10% U.K. and 15% WOR,  with a minimum of £5.00.

I use Royal Mail registered post and UPS for large overseas orders.